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Holidays on organic farm

Our Farm

Organic Farming


Ever since the 50’s we have been cultivating apples and grapes on the farm. In 1993, we decided to convert the entire farm to fit the Environmental Standards. To do so, we completely refrain from using fertilizers and pesticides and pay close attention to our organic cultivation to ensure that the environmental balance remains stable.


Plenty of apple varieties, such as Gala, Braeburn, Fuji, Roho Evalina, Jazz, Gold Rush, and Pink Lady are currently grown on our organic yet modern fruit farm.

We have a small area with grapes, which we deliver to the Terlan Winery, where they are processed to become the famous Terlano wine.

We, Ingrid and Josef, as well as Clemens and Claudia, invite you to spend a relaxing vacation in harmony with nature with us

Farm shop

zoom_inVarious fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which are all cultivated following organic principles, also grow on our farm. We use them to make fruit spreads, juices and compotes, which will be available for you to taste and purchase.

Holiday on the Organic-farm in the wine village of Terlan

Fam. Josef Hafner
Perglweg 11
I - 39018 Terlan, Südtirol 0039471257335
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